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Kamyar Shah

Kamyar Shah. Small business advisor helping you increase profitability and productivity, offering remote CMO and Remote COO services.

Business Consultant
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
Remote COO
Remote CMO
Kamyar Shah
Tampa/St. Petersburg United States
Professional Status
About Me
Kamyar Shah. Small business advisor helping you increase profitability and productivity, offering remote CMO and Remote COO services.

Skills :

Operations Management :
• Operations Management
• Project Management
• Management of Support Services (HR, IT, Finance)
• Annual Budgeting including Development and Evaluation
• SOP & KPI Development
• P&L Management
• Distribution Channel Management
• Short & Long Term Development Planning
• BI Platform Integration
• Strategic Planning and Reporting
• New Business Development
• Contract Negotiation
• Vendor Selection and Management
• Client Cultivation and Management
• Management of Invoicing and Payables
• Asset Utilization

Human Resources:
• General Human Resources
• Staff Management
• Talent Acquisition Strategy Management
• Payroll and Employee Benefits Management
• Retention & Relations Strategies
• HR Policy Compilation and Auditing
• HR Risk Management
• Conflict Resolution

Marketing and Advertising
• Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Social Media Marketing (SMM)
• Content Marketing (CM)
• Email Marketing
• Pay Per Click (PPC)
• Behavioral Targeting
• Re-Targeting
• Web Analytic Platforms
• Digital Channel Selection
• Digital Asset Management
• Business Need Analysis
• Research and Strategy Development
• Brand Management
• Reputation Management
• Channel Partner Management
• Campaign Analysis
• Competitive Analysis
• Product Positioning
• Product Distribution Management
Kamyar Shah
Communication: Mindful and Effective Ways to Keep Everyone Informed
16 Jul 2020
Some companies operated on a need-to-know basis. And certainly, in some situations and industries, this may be a necessary position to take with respect to sharing information within a company. However, in most instances, transparency within a company pays off in the long-term. The goal of this article is to discuss Communication: Mindful and Effective […]
Employee Growth: Providing a Rewarding Environment for Your People
16 Jul 2020
At the core of a company’s success is the knowledge held by its employees. Providing a culture that nurtures increased employee growth through knowledge acquisition can prove to be one of the greatest returns on investment and organization can make. The goal of this article is to discuss Employee Growth: Providing a Rewarding Environment for […]
Research: Gather Your Facts for Better Decision Making
15 Jul 2020
Research is often undervalued in a company as leaders rely on their own experiences, their knowledge set, and possibly the knowledge and experiences of others. Surprisingly this can prove to be a limited amount of knowledge and insights when compared to the breadth of information that exists on nearly any subject matter. The goal of […]
Your P&L: Where to Focus
15 Jul 2020
The quick death of any young company is often the lack of focus on the right areas of their profit and loss (P&L) statement. Established companies can likely get away with a lack of focus and oversight for a while, but lack of attention to the details will eventually have negative impacts. The goal of […]
Business Process Improvement: Identifying What Needs to be Fixed
14 Jul 2020
Regardless of the age or size of your organization, it is likely you have one too many business processes that need to be improved. Identifying these areas of your business that need to be improved can prove to be difficult. Though in some cases it might be very apparent what needs to be changed. Finding […]
Project Management: An Integral Component to Company Success
14 Jul 2020
Every company has numerous projects occurring at any given time. Core project management skills are necessary to ensure that projects are run efficiently and effectively. Project management has been around for centuries in various forms. As a discipline, it gained in importance in 1968 when the Project Management Institute (PMI) was formed to provide guidelines […]
PMO: Getting Your Project Management Office Started
13 Jul 2020
An emerging trend over the past 10-20 years (certainly in the information technology areas of a company) is to implement project management (PMO) office to help companies deliver on strategic plans. Project management has been around for centuries in various forms. As a discipline, it gained in importance in 1968 when the Project Management Institute […]
Analytical Decisions: A Great Place to Start
13 Jul 2020
We live in a world overflowing with data. As a result company decisions no longer need to rely solely on the “gut” of the leaders, or opinions of the outspoken. The goal of this article is to discuss Analytical Decisions: A Great Place to Start. Thoughts will be shared on how you can approach incorporating […]
Customer Experience: It is Not Just About Satisfaction
12 Jul 2020
Customer Experience has grown beyond a customer’s satisfaction with your product or service. The best companies view Customer Experience as the end experience that a customer has with the company throughout the various touchpoints. The goal of this article is to discuss Customer Experience: It Is Not Just About Satisfaction. The following are some areas […]
Strategy Planning: What Every Leader Should Know
12 Jul 2020
Whether you lead a team of a couple of people, a department with 25 people, a division with hundreds of employees, or an organization with thousands of individuals you are going to want to acquire some key skills when it comes to strategy. Having a formal understanding of strategy and how to utilize various methodologies […]
16 Ways Leaders Can Get Comfortable With Not Having All The Answers
10 Apr 2020
Admit You Don’t Know, But Resolve To Find Out Say it with me: “I don’t know. I will get back to you on this.” This particular phrase is the best friend of any true leader. It is an absurd assumption that someone knows it all. This is also a good way to gauge a new […]
Avoid Making These 14 Critical Mistakes When Promoting Yourself Online
10 Apr 2020
Overselling Yourself One of the rather repeated mistakes in self-promotion is “overselling.” Self-promotion is one of those propositions that fall in the “under-promise and over-deliver” category. Additionally, it is substantially more desirable for the results to be evaluated and praised by others. Hence leading to less “self” and more “promotion” that can’t be doubted or […]
Want To Develop Internal Talent? 13 Strategies For Creating Your Future Leaders
10 Apr 2020
Take A Long-Term View Talent development is a matter of taking the long-term view with the matching resources and patience. Be it in education or the real-world, cultivating human capital in a dynamic and comprehensive way requires appropriate time and resources. Too often companies either lack the vision or the resources to implement consistent education, […]
15 Ways To Build Better Co-Worker Relationships For A More Positive Workplace
10 Apr 2020
Be Genuine If the intent is to have a long-term “fix,” there is really only one sure way: be genuine. There is a mutual self-interest on both sides of the relationship. Your co-worker is likely to be just as interested in a relationship that will help their career as you are. Start by asking them […]
15 Coaches Share Their Top Advice On Creating Multiple Revenue Streams For Your Business
10 Apr 2020
Ask If It’s Viable Right Now It is not really hard to create additional revenue in most businesses. The real question is if it is feasible or does it interfere with any other aspect of the existing business model? Is the timing correct? Will it cannibalize existing revenue streams? Once those and similar questions are […]
Seven Things Every Business Should Avoid When Using Crowdfunding
10 Apr 2020
Not Being Honest About Concept And Needs Crowdfunding is no different than any other business relationship: folks trusting you and investing money in you and your business. Hence it is important to be authentic—be honest about your concept and needs, be honest about intentions and, most importantly, maintain consistent channels of communication. All those actions […]
13 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Trying To Differentiate Their Company
10 Apr 2020
Always Comparing To Others Though product and services comparison may work, it is a short-sighted approach. Comparison in a crowded market may, in some cases, even be harmful by providing additional exposure for competitors. A more sustainable approach, however, is a combination of providing education and creating a customer-centric organization. These organic differentiations are long-term […]
Don’t Be Embarrassed To Ask These 14 Common Leadership Questions
10 Apr 2020
When should I stop? In my experience, one of the least asked questions is, when do we reach the dreaded “diminishing returns?” Many entrepreneurs and senior executives incorrectly assume that all things have to consistently improve, which in turn results in some repetitive non-ROI-yielding activities. It is extremely important for advisors to be mindful and […]
15 Culture-Building Tips For An All-Remote Team
04 Feb 2020
Encourage Cross-Collaboration As someone that has worked 16-plus years remotely, the single most important cultural tool is cross-collaboration. Remote teams that integrate cross-collaboration among team members tend to create deeper and more personal relationships. It ultimately tends to translate into deeper personal bonds that not only help maintain but also evolve the organizational culture. – Kamyar […]
Is Your Company Growing Too Fast? 14 Red Flags To Watch For
04 Feb 2020
You’re Putting Out Daily Fires Rapid growth entails change, which tends to create friction. That sort of friction tends to manifest in a wide range of symptoms such as quality control issues, customer dissatisfaction as well as internal conflicts. Those symptoms are just that—symptoms. The underlying causes are virtually always within growth and scaling projects […]
Job Seekers: 13 Important Things To Look For In Your Ideal Recruiter
04 Feb 2020
What They Do With The Information You Provide Them Much like any other service provider, recruiters depend a great deal on information to provide the best possible result. Hence, it is important to be proactive and provide them with a complete background as well as a “narrative” of what you are trying to accomplish. The […]
12 Up-To-Date Lead Generation Tips For The Modern Salesperson
04 Feb 2020
Look In ‘Little Ponds’ The simplest way to exponentially grow inbound leads in later stages of a business is to adopt the “big fish, little pond” methodology. Secondary venues, or “little ponds,” that are unlikely to be overcrowded by others will allow the business to be the “big fish.” This approach, however, requires an immense […]
Financing Your First Business? 16 Expert-Recommended Funding Tips
04 Feb 2020
Seek To Self-Fund First Though there are many tools and platforms that make fundraising more accessible, there is still a lot to be said about self-funding. A self-funded company tends to signal several positive attributes that are highly desirable, including self-discipline. Though this may not apply to all business environments, it should be the first […]
Keep Your Stakeholders In The Loop With These 14 Communication Tips
04 Feb 2020
Operate With Consistent Integrity Though communication is the obvious answer, there is more to it. Communication at its face is great; however, in order to have the proper impact on stakeholders, those communications have to be above board. That usually translates into being accepted as a person of consistent integrity that will report objectively at […]
Overwhelmed? 15 Ways To Set Better Boundaries For Work And Life
04 Feb 2020
Enforce The Consequences Of Your Boundaries Boundaries are less about explicit expression than actions. For boundaries to be of any impact, there have to be consequences that are obvious enough. Those actions and consequences can be as simple as making sure the other side notices that they have been ignored on purpose, or as complex […]
15 Tips For Navigating Family Business Challenges
04 Feb 2020
Keep Family Issues Out Of The Business Though there are many different ways that may help avoid family pitfalls, one of the safest ways is a clean-cut separation of family and business. Creating a formal separation in which personal and family issues do not carry any merit when it comes to business-related matters will have […]
15 Tips For Tactfully Turning Down A Potential Client
04 Feb 2020
Stick To The Facts Polite and factual statements are virtually always the best way of approaching most conversations, even the difficult ones. In this particular instance, it is just as important what is being said as how it is said—conveying that a relationship may not be as productive and effective while encouraging them to find […]
15 Ways To Onboard New Hires Efficiently (Even During Busy Times)
04 Feb 2020
Create A Complete Feedback Loop One of the rather easy ways to evaluate and improve onboarding, be it in a high- or low-stress environment, is having a complete feedback loop with all stakeholders. This would allow for feedback from all levels, including the new employee. This kind of dynamic feedback allows for quick tactical pivots […]
Misconceptions About CMO Duties And How A Fractional CMO Can Help Maximize Results
11 Jan 2020
Laying The Foundation For Your New CMO So you have decided to hire an interim or part-time CMO. What are the next steps for your business and how will your new interim CMO fit in the picture? It is important to understand how an interim CMO can help your business and marketing. Having a clear definition of your CMO’s role and […]
Misconceptions About COO Duties And How A Fractional COO Can Maximize Your Operations
11 Jan 2020
Starting With Your New Remote Chief Operating Officer So you have decided to hire an interim or part-time Chief Operations Officer. What are the next steps for your organization and how will your new interim COO fit in with your team? It is important to understand how a Fractional COO can improve your operations. Having a clear definition of your […]
Feeling Anxious About Your Business? 16 Ways To Cope With Entrepreneurial Stress
11 Jan 2020
Accept And Become Aware Of Your Stress Stress, much like a task, has to be managed. It boils down to understanding and accepting that being stressed is part of the journey. That acceptance then leads to awareness, which should be turned into actionable tasks to manage it. Those tasks, however, have to fit the individual […]
16 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Pursue A Side Hustle
11 Jan 2020
Do you have a purpose besides earning money? Though the standard considerations such as viability, earning potential and other similar factors should be the main basis of the decision, a secondary factor is often overlooked: dual purpose. A side hustle can and should have more than just a single goal of earning money. It should […]
Is It Time To Walk Away From Your Startup Idea? 15 Ways To Decide
11 Jan 2020
Test Your Doubts Against The Data Emotional decisions, both in personal and business lives, tend to have debatable outcomes at best. A better way is to formulate those doubts into tangible hypotheses that can be proven or disproved. Then it is rather simple: Consult with peers, collect and analyze data or do both. The end […]
15 Ways To Actually Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions In 2020
11 Jan 2020
Aim To Be Better Than You Were Yesterday Be better than you were yesterday. Personal and business lives are always evolving, and we encounter obstacles that we have to overcome. The goal is not to be perfect or to achieve something spectacular. Hence progress and improvement can only be measured in context. Being better in […]
15 Clear Signs Your Employee Deserves A Promotion
11 Jan 2020
They Exhibit Above-Average Performance When and if an employee asks about additional ways to contribute, it is a good sign that they are ready for more responsibility. Granted, said employee has to be above-average at the current job duties. Additional consideration should include factors such as cultural immersion and product-specific know-how. – Kamyar Shah, World Consulting Group […]
Promoted To Management? 15 Ways To Navigate Workplace Relationship Changes
11 Jan 2020
Choose Your Language Carefully A promotion to a managerial role will inherently alter the dynamics between peers. However, the language used to express that can provide context and help; it is easy to contextually explain that the relationship is evolving. That approach can be extremely helpful for all parties to “buy-in” to the new dynamics […]
15 Daily Habits Of Great Leaders
11 Jan 2020
Implement Reading Time I have had the pleasure to work with many entrepreneurs over my career. The single factor that all the successful ones had in common was their reading habits. It goes something along the lines of there being a time block set aside to catch up on readings. Short of a disaster that […]
13 Essential Skills And Traits Of Successful Business Owners
11 Jan 2020
Willingness To Sacrifice Entrepreneurship by nature requires sacrifices both in your personal and business life: be it sacrificing personal time to learn a new skill to help the business or the willingness to terminate a friend that was not a fit for said business. Hence, if there is little to no willingness to be flexible […]
Job Hunting? 15 Ways To Keep Up With Your Current Job While You Look
14 Dec 2019
Be Honest About Your Career Goals Looking for a new job is not something that needs or should be hidden. That is where the honesty part will help the pivot. If need be, inform your management of your career development goals. There is a real possibility that they may even help. This also means that […]
14 Ways To Balance Your Long-Term Goals With Day-To-Day Business Tasks
14 Dec 2019
Revisit Your Data Nothing lets you see your progression or regression toward your goals better than data. Be it qualitative or quantitative, data should be your first stop. Now the interpretation of that data is the next step. Unbiased evaluation will add an additional layer of certainty. Combine those two and there is really little […]
15 Proactive Strategies That Establish Entry-Level Professionals As Leaders
14 Dec 2019
Don’t Try To Take Shortcuts The notion that there is a shortcut to being perceived as a leader is not realistic for most people and situations. There are some temporary and short-lived efforts that can elevate some exceptional young people into the spotlight, however, it is unlikely for it to be permanent or widely noticed. […]
Finding Inspiration In The Day-To-Day: 15 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Success
14 Dec 2019
Go Back To The Basics What has worked for me and many of my clients is a simple mental review of “why.” Why did you start doing it? In business, as in life, any project that was started had an initial goal. That goal was motivating enough to start that project—recalling the reason is usually […]
15 Common Pitfalls To Avoid As A New Business Owner Or Entrepreneur
06 Dec 2019
Letting Ego Get In The Way Education and collaboration are still some of the best ways of avoiding pitfalls. A serious entrepreneur has to put their ego aside and consider either one in order to decrease the likelihood of “rookie mistakes.” It can come in different forms, such as meeting with peers regularly to discuss […]
15 Essential Questions To Ask Your Mentor Or Business Coach
06 Dec 2019
What are my end goals? Asking about the end results or impact of any advice should be a standard question after each piece of advice is received. It can be as simple as, “To what end?” The answer will not only provide clarification but will also allow the recipient to individualize the steps as well […]
14 Ways To Embrace And Accept Change In Your Life
06 Dec 2019
Be Consistent In Your Actions And Motivation Irrelevant from the purpose of the change, consistency in actions matter. Wanting to achieve change will inherently require consistent actions, which in turn is also one of the main reasons why desired results can’t be achieved without it. It requires a mechanism that results in consistent actions that […]
Is Your Business Overwhelmed By Heavy Workloads? Here Are 10 Signs To Look For
01 Nov 2019
Missed Deadlines One of the rather reliable ways to diagnose potential excess in workload is to match progress to initial timelines. Once the “noise” is cleared up, i.e. reasons that could have affected progress, it is simple to see what delays were caused by time or resource limitations. Combine that with frontline feedback and the […]
15 Coaches Share How Introverted Leaders Can Succeed In An Extrovert World
01 Nov 2019
Don’t Let Your Introversion Limit You Yes, introverts have it harder when it comes to some aspects of a business. That being said, it is no different than any other obstacle that can be overcome by a wide range of solutions, including adjusting client acquisition and contact point workarounds. It is an issue that can […]
These 13 Nonverbal Cues Could Hurt You During A Job Interview
01 Nov 2019
Being Unenthusiastic Though one would think that being enthusiastic in an interview is a no-brainer, I have witnessed the opposite. In my experience, the candidate too often concentrates on appearing knowledgeable but misses the vital aspects of enthusiasm. It is almost equally a problem with employers. All the knowledge and expertise in the world cannot […]
14 Major Considerations For Leaders Planning An Employee Retreat
01 Nov 2019
Get Your Team’s Input Balancing corporate outings is not difficult if the basics of the end goal are the starting point: teamwork. Considering that the most likely goal of such an endeavor is to improve both individual and team performances, the planning should involve team feedback. Using both individual and team input in planning is […]
Here’s How To Take Business Risks Responsibly, According To 12 Professional Coaches
04 Oct 2019
Start Small To Achieve Proof Of Concept Innovation, and even scaling a business, is inherently a risky proposition. One of the most time-tested ways of managing the risk is to start on a small scale to achieve “proof of concept.” Though it doesn’t magically eliminate all the risk, proof of concept will allow for proper […]
13 Coaching Professionals Explain How To Ask For And Negotiate A Raise
04 Oct 2019
Present The Theoretical ROI Among many other ways, I have seen work is to show your impact by calculating a theoretical ROI. Since most employees don’t have access to employer financial data, it may be hard to calculate one’s impact. However, with a bit of creativity and solid reasoning, one can create a compelling illustration […]
12 Ways To Get Out Of Your Head And Combat Entrepreneurial Loneliness
04 Oct 2019
Change Up Your Routine It is no secret that daily routines are detrimental to long-term productivity. That being said, combating this particular issue is not complex: allow for change within the routine by adding and subtracting variables. One day make a call to an old mentor; next day, catch up on some fun readings; the […]
13 Signs Your Workplace Is Toxic Enough To Warrant Quitting
04 Oct 2019
There Are Rational, Not Just Emotional, Reasons To Leave The first step in making such a determination is to establish your personal criteria. Evaluate based on how it makes you feel versus the reality of facts. Such a determination is vital in that decision-making process. And remember, my reality is not the same as your […]
Overhauling Your Business Model? 15 Steps You Should Take To Begin The Process
04 Oct 2019
Look At Your Historical Data Deciding if a particular model is working or is effective is not a matter of perspective, it is a matter of data. A company that has been in existence should have access to historic data that lends itself to in-depth analysis. The only real question is who should examine the […]
Know Your Audience: 15 Strategies For Creating Your Ideal Client Profile
25 Sep 2019
Interact With Clients Face-To-Face When considering all the available tools and methods, it is easy to forget that end users are human beings that can’t be reduced to ones and zeros. Though it may be considered outdated, I have found that there is no real replacement for face-to-face interactions. Lack of resources may prevent face-to-face […]
Know Your Worth: 15 Tips For Setting Your Rates As A New Freelancer
25 Sep 2019
Start With A Base Retainer And Scale Up One of the methods I have seen work is having “skin in the game.” Such an approach would include a base retainer and a progressive scale of profit-sharing based on actual results. Of course, this can only be done if the freelancer is truly convinced of their […]
Want To Build Better Business Relationships? Focus On These 12 Actions
25 Sep 2019
Genuinely Care About Others Most of us have heard many different versions of what needs to precede a profitable business relationship. Some are valid, and others are not. From personal experiences, I know only one that has worked consistently and is independent from the latest fad: genuinely caring about the person. It is not sexy […]
15 Ways To Help Your Team Be More Innovative At Work
25 Sep 2019
Learn From Mistakes Most of the time, before innovation can occur, mistakes have to be made. That, however, is not unique to top companies. Small business can take an active role in using those mistakes to improve products and services. The hard part is to be self-aware to a level that allows for the impartial […]
14 Coaches Share The Client Advice They Follow Themselves
25 Sep 2019
Lead By Example Never give any advice that you wouldn’t implement for your own business. As with any form of advice, the advisor should illustrate the sincerity of the advice by example. For instance, a coach that is consistently five minutes late to meetings shouldn’t give advice about punctuality. The bottom line is rather simple: […]
Busy Schedule? Try These 14 Tactics To Prioritize Your To-Do List
25 Sep 2019
Servant Leadership  It is rather easy to get sucked into feel-good tasks that may or may not have a long-term positive impact on the organization. A leader’s ability to gauge the impact of near or long-term impact is what will make all the difference. I have seen a lot of success from leaders who use […]
Budget Opportunity: Small Business Advisor Kamyar Shah on How Franchise Brands Should Direct Marketing Spend in 2020
12 Sep 2019
Kamyar Shah is a Tampa, Florida-based business and franchise consultant who offers remote COO and CMO services to young-but-growing businesses across the United States. He currently serves as a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. 1851 tapped into Shah’s small business and franchise leadership coaching and executive expertise to learn how brands should be spending their marketing […]
Busy Schedule? Try These 14 Tactics To Prioritize Your To-Do List
12 Sep 2019
Servant Leadership It is rather easy to get sucked into feel-good tasks that may or may not have a long-term positive impact on the organization. A leader’s ability to gauge the impact of near or long-term impact is what will make all the difference. I have seen a lot of success from leaders who use […]
Is Your Business Idea Viable? 13 Ways To Find Out
12 Sep 2019
You’ve Run Successful Simulations  One of the reasons that some ideas never reach their potential is the fact that the idea was not fully vetted. This is where concepts such as a “decision tree” come in handy by allowing the simulations of various paths and steps. If done properly, most ideas can be fairly accurately […]
Operations Management
04 Sep 2019
Why Dedicated Operations Management Is Essential Operations management is an element of every business, whether it is one person or 100,000 people. However, not every organization, especially small and/or growing ones, put sufficient effort and resources into managing their operations. Resources dedicated to this essential facet of running a business can generate substantial returns in […]
Business Coaching
04 Sep 2019
All About Business Coaching and Why It Benefits You How long has your company been in operation? Did you recently open your doors, or have you been at it for years? Are you seeing the success you envisioned when you first opened your doors? Do you know how to motivate your employees, create excellent advertising […]
Ready For Your Next Promotion? 14 Tips For Managers Who Want To Move Up
12 Aug 2019
Help Create More Leaders  Though singular recommendations such as continuous learning and seeking out mentors and sponsors are all valid, those fail to address a more fundamental strategy: creating more leaders leads to higher personal success. Servant leadership is the real fundamental strategy for climbing the proverbial career ladder, as well as personal growth. Create […]
Should You Franchise Your Business? 13 Questions To Ask Yourself
12 Aug 2019
Am I OK letting go of ‘individualism’ in my business? Franchises usually leave little room for individualism. Before deciding to go the franchise route, the most important question is, “Do I want to do it their way or my way?” At its face, it may be a shallow question; however, entrepreneurship requires personal touches that […]
Make The Most Of Your Networking Events With These 13 Tips
09 Aug 2019
Follow Up  Knowledge acquisition and retention are usually a matter of personalized preferences; however, even those personalizations can generally benefit from follow-up. In this particular instance, it could be as simple as an email follow-up that includes a summary of the discussion combined with asking for feedback. The method is not as important as the […]
13 Ways Small Businesses Can Compete With Large Corporations And Attract Top STEM Talent
08 Aug 2019
Give STEM Talent A Seat At The Table  One of the chief complaints in many large brands or organizations is the ability of employees to contribute to the direction of the company. This particular shortcoming—i.e. allowing for “bottom-up decision-making”—is also one of the greatest advantages of small business. It is rather easy to see how […]
14 Clear Signs You’re Ready To Take Your Side Hustle Full Time
05 Aug 2019
You Care More About Your Side Hustle Than Your Day Job  Interestingly enough many individuals use financial aspects to determine the viability of switching to full-time entrepreneurship. Though valid, it is a short-sighted strategy. The determining factor should be passion: Do you care more for the side hustle than your day job? When passion is […]
15 Ways To Get A-Level Skills And Work Ethic From Your Whole Team
05 Aug 2019
Gently Remind Them Of The Negative Consequences  Though considered valuable, motivation is not necessarily a requirement in increasing employee performance. Another equally if not more important factor is the natural instinct of survival: the need to “survive,” i.e. remain employed or be employable, can have the same effect. Though it is controversial and should not […]
10 Ways To Find (And Attract) More Diverse Job Applicants
05 Aug 2019
Ask Your Current Employees For Diverse Referrals  One of the rather overlooked and underutilized methods to achieve long-term diversity and inclusion is enabling referrals from within the existing workforce. This approach has one particular and important advantage: Internal employees are likely to be more acutely aware of the lack of diversity. Combine that with their […]
15 Techniques Businesses Can Use To Ensure Balanced Employee-Customer Happiness
29 Jul 2019
Create A Smooth Feedback Loop Virtually most tasks or functions of a business can be improved by ensuring a smooth feedback loop from all stakeholders. Customer service is no different. Creating a funnel that allows customers, employees, as well as others,  to effectively and timely communicate their concerns and suggestions is the most effective way […]
11 Advantages Small Businesses Have Over Large Corporations (And How To Use Them)
27 Jul 2019
Active Listening Unlike large companies, small businesses can differentiate themselves by providing a feedback loop that enables two-way communication. That two-way communication can publicly influence future product design and the scope of services. In addition to the obvious benefit of public interactions, this particular method paves the way for consumers to become stakeholders and advocates. […]
6 Best Practices for Managing Cash Flow During Rapid Growth
02 Jul 2019
PREPARE FOR GROWTH Business consultant Kamyar Shah suggests that companies develop and follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) to stay in good shape as they grow. While entrepreneurs can’t predict every possible scenario, they can foresee and properly plan for the most likely business situations, he noted. Originally published at
Business Get Some Bad Press? Try These 12 Tips To Bounce Back
02 Jul 2019
Respond Quickly  Take responsibility and act on it. This is the safest way to recover from most PR disasters. Of course, there are some preparations that would go into being ready for an active measure, such as designating a spokesperson, SOPs that include updating the stakeholders, documenting progress as well as publicly and sincerely integrating […]
12 Ways To Show Up And Prove Yourself As A Young Entrepreneur
01 Jul 2019
Accept Criticism  One of the fastest ways to be recognized as a leader is the ability to accept constructive criticism and implement solutions. Similarly, one of the fastest ways to be considered immature and unprepared for leadership is to be combative and dismissive when constructive criticism is given. Though it may sound pedestrian in nature, […]
To Succeed At A New Job, Focus On These 13 Actions During Your First Week
01 Jul 2019
Integrate Into The Culture  A company, in its basic form, is just a collective of people. In order to be welcomed, one has to be compatible with the cross section of that said group. The easiest way to accomplish that is to put effort into being integrated into the organizational culture. It is worth noting […]
Looking To Implement Daily Self-Care For Your Employees? Follow These 11 Tips
01 Jul 2019
Provide Information And Opportunities From personal experience, I have seen the most success when the employer “walks the walk.” It goes something along these lines: The employer has public conversations about physical and mental health, the impact on personal and business lives and makes an effort to enable the employees by providing tools such as […]
Strategic Planning: A Guide For Small Businesses
26 Jun 2019
Strategic planning is an extensive and dynamic process used by organizations to develop a plan for achieving their long-term goals. It encapsulates the organization’s vision, mission, goals, objectives, and strategies while providing a framework under which the organization operates. It guides the decision-making process and serves as a roadmap to assist in implementing the tactical […]
Marketing Management
23 Jun 2019
A Guide to Marketing Management and What It Means for Your Business When it comes to a company’s market, it has a simple definition: A company’s market includes the buyers and sellers in a region, which can be a city, a state, or an entire country. Markets, which sell goods and services, require a supply […]
Management Consultant
23 Jun 2019
What To Expect From Your Management Consultant Most people in the business world have some sense of what a management consultant is. However, far fewer people know exactly what impact and outcomes to expect from working with one. Management consulting can be a powerful tool for your business team if you know how to leverage […]
Project Management
22 Jun 2019
Project management is a component of all work. Whether you are a small team casually collaborating or a large enterprise with a strong, formalized set of policies, project management is playing a role. It can boost your team to success through organization and focus or hold you back with confusion and inefficiency. Getting experienced, professional […]
Small Business
22 Jun 2019
Keys To Finding Success in Small Business Running a small business is an attractive career path for many. However, there is no denying that it is challenging. Small business owners have to wear many different hats and overcome many obstacles to success. The difficult truth about running a new company is that only about half […]
15 Ways To Fight Communication Breakdowns When Your Team Is On A Tight Deadline
19 Jun 2019
Practice Servant Leadership Communication breakdown is usually a symptom, not the cause. The underlying cause usually leads back to poor leadership; hence, the said leadership must revisit the fundamentals. It should include hands-on assistance, helping resolve bottlenecks, resolving disputes, as well as active participation in the team project. Such implementation will also inherently assist in […]
The 14 Skills Every Successful Negotiator Possesses
19 Jun 2019
Situational Awareness Regardless of the objectives in negotiations, the single most important factor to ensure the greatest possibility of success is a total awareness of the opponent’s situation. Essentially, knowing the “why, how and where” combined with assessing the motivations of the counterpart allows for both tactical and strategic moves that render the opponent’s leverage […]
12 Tips For Building A Positive Corporate Culture From The Ground Up
19 Jun 2019
Get Your Team’s Input When it comes to organizational culture, it pays to be mindful of team feedback. Unlike most of the executive decisions that can be formulated by owners, organizational culture inherently dictates a buy-in from those that are subject to it. Hence, the respective input from the team members should be the basis […]
11 Ways To Transform Your Customer Service Into A Five-Star Experience
11 May 2019
Take Real Action Customer feedback and its impact can only truly be measured by change. Without collection, examination and implementation, customer feedback is simply pointless. Barring any exceptional situation, it is safe to say that unless customer feedback is properly incorporated into actionable solutions that are consistently integrated into operational SOP, the feedback itself is […]
15 Leadership Skills for Career Success (As Told by Managers)
11 May 2019
Good leaders work to serve their employees “I believe that the single most important leadership trait when it comes to promoting someone is their ability to serve others. The importance of such a leadership trait can influence the organizational well-being on many levels including the creation of more leaders, a more knowledgeable and able workforce, […]
14 Steps Entrepreneurs Can Take To Become Thought Leaders In Their Industry
11 May 2019
Practice Servant Leadership One of the time-tested methods in gaining traction as a thought leader and or influencer is by using the basic tenets of servant leadership, in particular “selfless help.” This kind of mentorship has a twofold benefit: it illustrates a deep desire to be part of the community as well as allowing the […]
14 Common Knowledge And Skill Gaps Coaches See In New Entrepreneurs
07 Apr 2019
Operations Management The biggest knowledge gap I have observed is in the field of operations management. Most entrepreneurs I have worked with are simply not aware of the delicate nature of operations management and tend to be dismissive of its intrigues. The most effective way to address the significance of it is to allow for […]
Have A Turnover Problem? 15 Ways To Find Out Why Employees Are Really Leaving
07 Apr 2019
Conduct A Post-Exit Interview Much like any other problem, high employee turnover is unlikely to be effectively dealt with without the feedback from participants, stakeholders and, in this case, the employees themselves. Interestingly enough, traditional exit interviews are rather outdated because of their timing and inherent emotional impact. A better approach is to delay and […]
11 Good Reasons To Go Back To School For A Career Change
04 Apr 2019
You Want Greater Depth And Breadth Of Knowledge On A Subject In my experience, the one factor that should generally be academic in nature is the depth and breadth of a given topic. Though most skills and information are widely available online, when it comes to deep dives to learn facts, digest and discuss and […]
15 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Wish They’d Known Before Starting Out
04 Apr 2019
Mind The Perception The one thing I wish I knew when I started was the difference between perception and reality. Logical and deductive reasoning abilities are great and reliable; however, not everyone perceives them the same way. In essence, many people interpret those in their own framework that is based on their personal experiences. Hence, […]
Hire an interim coo
27 Mar 2019
When and How To Hire an Interim COO In many organizations, the chief operating officer is one of the most important executives in the c suite. He or she serves as the head of the business’s operations and, in many cases, acts as a second-in-command and surrogate for the chief executive officer. The significance of […]
Hire an interim cmo
27 Mar 2019
How To Hire an Interim CMO You work hard for your business. Naturally, you want it to thrive. It may be tempting to try to handle everything yourself so that you maintain control, but this can be a recipe for disaster. This is especially true when it comes to your public relations and marketing teams. […]
Stuck In Startup: 11 Ways To Overcome Budgetary ‘Analysis Paralysis’
14 Mar 2019
Plan Early And Exercise Discipline Much like everything else in business, planning helps eliminate a lot of uncertainty, including the angst in financials and budgeting. Combine early preparation with appropriate expert advice and virtually all doubts will be removed. From there on it is a simple matter of discipline to stick with the prepared budget […]
14 Professional Networking Opportunities That Are Often Overlooked
14 Mar 2019
Consider The Multiplier Impact The multiplier impact is one of the most neglected aspects of networking. Essentially, when a new connection and/or contact has been made, there are potentially many more opportunities if one is able to access the network of the new contact. This multiplier, if managed properly, makes networking substantially easier because of […]
Promoting Someone Who’s New To Management? Here’s How To Make Their Transition Easier
14 Mar 2019
Clearly Demonstrate A Transfer Of Trust New managers tend to encounter authority issues that may hinder their effectiveness for a variety of reasons, including a lack of trust. To counter that, the business leader needs to verbalize, as well as demonstrate, confidence in the new manager. If done properly, this can result in the transfer […]
Does Hard Work Pay off in the End?
26 Feb 2019
Remote COO Without defining “hard work”, it is difficult to answer the question of its impact. Is the quantity of hours and an indicator of hard work? Does ROI reflect hard work? Here are two ways to look at it: It depends on which stage of your career you are in. The basic dynamics of […]
How to Build an Email List: 75 Experts Share Their Secrets
26 Feb 2019
Kamyar Shah Small business advisor helping you increase profitability and productivity, offering remote CMO and remote COO services Home Giveaways – “This one is THE most effective way of building a large and responsive email list. It is rather simple: determine what your target audience likes and hold a regular give away. I have seen […]
11 Tips For Welcoming Generation-Z To The Workforce
11 Feb 2019
Don’t Fall Victim To The ‘Complexity’ Mindset The notion that each generation requires its own “model” in order to be effective, efficient and productive is simply a myth. It is a sign of “unnecessary built-in complexity” that is typical of midsize organizations. Every employee has to be integrated and listened to in proportion. Add mentorship […]
10 Ways Modern Companies Are Tracking Down Sales Leads
11 Feb 2019
Ask For Customer Referrals In my experience, the most successful methodology in high-ticket management consulting is a combination of word-of-mouth and LinkedIn. I have experimented with many methodologies extensively. However, this particular approach has the highest conversion and return on investment. In essence, it is asking your satisfied customers to introduce you on LinkedIn to […]
Pop Quiz, Monday with Kamyar Shah
04 Feb 2019
Can you please tell everyone your name? Kamyar Shah What is your job role? Remote COO & Remote CMO Tell us about your company? World Consulting Group is a premier management consulting firm. What do you love most about your job? The ability to assist clients to achieve their goals quicker. What motivates you to […]
Are Incentives A Good Employee Motivator? 15 Coaching Experts Weigh In
04 Feb 2019
Rewarding Human Nature Is Essential Most rational actors have a positive reaction to incentives. Choosing to address a natural need for recognition via any method of reward or incentive is inherently in line with what comes naturally. Granted that it is debatable what kind of reward or incentive should be selected, there is no doubt […]
12 Tips For Managing Coworker Relationships After You’ve Been Promoted
04 Feb 2019
Be A Servant Leader The assumption that the nature of the relationships among coworkers inherently changes after a promotion is an outdated notion. The personal and professional relationships both tend to stay the same if the promotion is treated as an additional venue to help others succeed. Servant leadership will inherently result in the elimination […]
How To Decide If An Open Floor Plan Is Right For Your Business
04 Feb 2019
Study The Data And Experiment Much like most decisions in business, the physical layout of an office should not be subjective. It should be based on historical industry data and available case studies combined with experimentation and data analysis. The end goal of creating a more physically inviting space for collaboration and productivity purposes should […]
12 Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Personal Brand
04 Feb 2019
Lack Of Consistency In Your Brand Voice One of the main pillars of branding is consistency, both in tone and subject matter. It is also one of the rather common issues that hinder or damage a brand. Insistence on diverting from a steady voice is inherently contrary to consistency, which in turn can create confusion […]
Episode 6 Kamyar Shah talks Operations
27 Jan 2019
Episode 6 Kamyar Shah talks Operations
Troncast – Forbes Coaches Council member Kamyar Shah talks about growth and scale.
27 Jan 2019
Forbes Coaches Council member Kamyar Shah talks about growth and scale.
The Evolution of the Chief Operating Officer
25 Jan 2019
The chief operating officer is one of the key members of the C-suite in many organizations. In addition to overseeing the operations of the organization, he or she may also be the second-in-command to the CEO. For a long time, this position has played a key role in running large organizations. However, you may be […]
The Evolution of the Chief Marketing Officer
25 Jan 2019
Who could forget when IHOP changed its name to IHOb last summer, a move that had people talking and creating memes for weeks afterward? What about when SpaceX took the Tesla Roadster into space? You might even remember when Coca-Cola named K-pop group BTS as its new spokespeople, generating more than 1 million conversations about […]
How to Manage with Servant Leadership
24 Jan 2019
Servant Leaders Develop New Leaders, Not Followers Kamyar Shah, Remote COO, thinks that the primary benefit derived from servant leadership is its ability to nurture fledgling leaders on the team. “Servant leadership’s main advantage to other styles of leadership lays within its basic tenor that allows for personal growth of individual team members: creating more leaders instead […]
15 Ways To Stay Relevant And Find Success As A Salesperson
24 Jan 2019
Be A Trusted Partner In spite of the many changes in technology and business culture, the main ingredient for a successful salesperson hasn’t changed; only the tools have changed. Sales have always been a matter of trust, and no matter what other factors change, the fact that operating as a trusted partner inherently results in […]
13 Tips For Overcoming Your Entrepreneurial Anxiety
24 Jan 2019
Keep Coming Back To Your ‘Why’ Being an entrepreneur is not easy and can be very stressful. To keep those burdensome factors from influencing progress, one has to remember the “why.” Why did I start this? Though it sounds rudimentary, revisiting the answer to that particular question regularly will essentially provide the mental and emotional […]
Lacking Experience For Your Dream Job? Address Skill Gaps In The Interview
24 Jan 2019
Treat The Interview Like A Sales Meeting A job interview in its most basic form is a sales meeting. Your job as an applicant is to convince the buyer (that is, the employer) that you are the right fit. To achieve that you have to do two things masterfully: avoid “negative” responses while highlighting your […]
13 Signs That You Should Walk Away From Your Startup Business
24 Jan 2019
You’re Feeling Regret It is understood that entrepreneurship is inherently risky, and as the old adage goes, “A good business person knows when to fold.” That being said, from experience, feelings of regret are a sure sign that the emotional drive of the said entrepreneur has reached a point of no return. Since that emotional […]
Social Engineering Attacks: Common Techniques & How to Prevent an Attack
24 Jan 2019
@kshahwork Kamyar Shah is a small business advisor helping companies increase profitability and productivity, offering remote CMO and remote COO services. There are simply too many different ways to name them all; however, the most successful social engineering attacks have a couple of things in common… The origin is usually an authoritative venue such as a […]
14 Strategies For Ensuring Personal Biases Don’t Affect Your Business Relationships
08 Jan 2019
Isolate Facts From Personal Opinion One time-tested method is to isolate the relevant and specific facts from personal opinion. The most significant hurdle is to consciously put a barrier between personal beliefs and experiences in a way that still allows you to draw on your expertise, but tailor it to the specific client. You can […]
13 Methods For Maintaining Your Company Culture When Leadership Changes
04 Jan 2019
Maintain A Feedback Loop There is no better way to get ahead of cultural shifts within the organization then maintaining a feedback loop from bottom to top. The impact of departing leaders is likely to be felt on the front lines first. Enabling those employees to voice their observations and/or shifts in culture can serve […]
14 Ways To Establish Yourself As A New Leader In Business
04 Jan 2019
Be In A Student Mindset The most viable way to illustrate leadership is to show a student mindset. In a new organization, there are many things that are unknown to a new leader. It is important to show that you as a leader want to understand and learn those things before expecting to be taken […]
14 Ways For Business Leaders To Build Team Cohesion
04 Jan 2019
Create A Necessity From a practical standpoint, it is all about creating a “necessity.” Human behavior is most likely to adapt when changes are a matter of survival. The most effective method I have seen work is to create that necessity. Put those that you perceive as not trusting each other into a team and […]
15 Strategies For Turning A Lackluster Brand Around
04 Jan 2019
Build Your Personal Brand Though it may sound counterintuitive, I recommend my clients build their personal brand to help their business brand. The logic and success behind such an approach are because of the way we relate to brands. A well-recognized personal brand can easily transfer credibility and loyalty to a business brand. It is […]
14 Common Pitfalls New Entrepreneurs Face And How To Avoid Them
20 Dec 2018
Fake Expertise  One of the biggest pitfalls I have observed in entrepreneurship is the ability to get actionable and real advice. To get there, one has to be able to discern real and practical advice from fake and useless “experts” or “ninjas.” This is easier said than done. The only true way to avoid that […]
Launching Your First Podcast? Follow These Eight Tips For Success
17 Dec 2018
Ask For Listener Reviews One of the techniques that I have seen work very well with growing your podcast is asking your listeners for reviews. The podcasting market is saturated with a lot of different choices. In order to stand out and differentiate your podcast from the market noise, ask your viewers to leave reviews, […]
30 Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Business Tips
17 Dec 2018
Make data-driven decisions In this day and age where data is freely collected, analyzed and shared, there is no reason NOT to make data-driven decisions whenever possible. By measuring and analyzing the results, you are dramatically increasing your chances of success and eliminating the need to guess. Thanks to Kamyar Shah Originally published at
15 Tips To Become A Proactive Business Problem-Solver
17 Dec 2018
Use The Decision Tree Method A sure way to anticipate and be prepared for potential issues is to understand and utilize the”decision tree” methodology. Think of it as playing out different outcomes based on different decisions. If you apply it consistently to all major decisions, you will very likely be able to be proactive when […]
Fractional Chief Operating Officer
14 Dec 2018
Advance Your Growing Business With a Fractional Chief Operating Officer Running a growing business is an exciting and fulfilling experience. However, it is not without its challenges. One of the most common is deciding when to create new positions. For example, your business may need the experience and insight of a chief operating officer but […]
Fractional Chief Marketing Officers
14 Dec 2018
Fractional Chief Marketing Officers: Is Hiring One the Right Move for Your Company’s Bottom Line? What’s up next for your company? Are you launching a new product or merging with another business and in need of some rebranding to fit the new deal? Maybe you just need to get the hang of using social media […]
Should you hire for potential and attitude, or experience?
01 Dec 2018
“As the saying goes, hire for character and train for skills. Though it sounds cliché, it is even more fitting today than it was a few years back,” said Kamyar Shah, a business and management consultant at World Consulting Group, a management consulting firm. “There are several issues in hiring and recruiting in the current […]
Social Reputation Management For Executives
17 Nov 2018
Kamyar Shah – World Consulting Group Kamyar is a small business advisor helping businesses to increase profitability and productivity, offering remote CMO and Remote COO services. Kamyar has 15+ years of experience and has worked with a wide range of organizations ranging from start-ups to large organizations. His goal for clients is to achieve a profitable […]
Smart Daily Habits That Will Make You A Better Leader
17 Nov 2018
Spend One-On-One Time With Each Team Member Spending time with individual team members is the most time-tested style of successful leadership. Such leadership style requires discipline and planning. It is easier done in small and midsize businesses than large organization. However, considering that the direct reports are usually smaller groups, it is still viable. It could be as simple as having a cup of […]
15 Off-The-Wall Interview Questions You Should Know How To Answer
07 Nov 2018
What Else Should I Have Asked You About? The one question that almost always trips candidates is: What else should I have asked you about? This is usually asked at the end of the interview. From experience, most applicants are either shocked or outright speechless. Those who are able to quickly and calmly point to […]
Managing More Experienced Colleagues? 13 Ways To Establish Yourself As A Leader
07 Nov 2018
Serve Others Becoming a leader is not something that occurs quickly or easily. The most effective way to be recognized as a leader is to help others become leaders. That servant leadership will inherently translate into authority, credibility and, eventually, the recognition of being a leader. – Kamyar Shah, World Consulting Group Originally published at
Think You’re Ready To Quit Your Day Job? 11 Entrepreneurs Offer Their Advice
07 Nov 2018
Be Honest With Yourself About Your Risk Tolerance Before making such a profound career change, the most important factor to consider is your risk tolerance. Entrepreneurship is inherently a risky proposition that may lead to uncharted situations with immense risks. If you are not willing to take such risks, it is unlikely for you to be able […]
11 Time Management Myths That Are Hurting Your Productivity
06 Nov 2018
‘A Structured Day Leads To Well-Managed Time’ One of the biggest myths is that a structured day is inherently the basis of good time management. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Productivity, effectiveness, efficiency and time management require individualization for maximum results. Hence, one has to experiment to find what works for him/her. It is […]
22 Entrepreneurs Debate if You Can Learn to be an Entrepreneur
31 Oct 2018
It’s all about the unwillingness to give up There is no single path to entrepreneurship; some are born that way, others are made. The nature vs. nurture discussion is pointless. Much like anything else in life everyone’s path is unique because everyone journey is unique. The one common factor though is the unwillingness to give up; most entrepreneurs are […]
Want To Run A Lean Startup? Follow These 15 Money-Saving Tips
27 Oct 2018
Make Decisions Based On Cash Flow From personal experiences, the most effective way to stay lean is to adopt cash-flow-based decision making. This particular methodology allows you to adjust your growth wisely and without running into financial issues. – Kamyar Shah, World Consulting Group Originally published at:
13 Clear Signs Your Job Isn’t The Right Fit For You
27 Oct 2018
You’re Consistently Bored One of the most common signs of being in the wrong role or organization is boredom. When you find yourselves doing your job without enthusiasm and are easily distracted by minor issues, it is a sure sign that you need to make a change. While we all experience boredom sometimes, it is important to differentiate between occasional boredom and consistent boredom. – Kamyar […]
Here’s How To Create An Employee Feedback Cycle That Actually Works
27 Oct 2018
Appoint An Employee Advocate There are many ways to keep the company leadership in the loop about their employees’ satisfaction; however, one particular method that has worked well for my clients is employee advocacy. Enlist a designated employee who can keep the feedback loop open without the feedback backfiring on a specific employee. That employee […]
The Spin Sucks Question: How Do Best Practices Fit Into Your Business?
15 Oct 2018
You Have to Start Somewhere Kamyar Shah feels best practices actually stifle creativity and success: The concept of best practices is rather a misguided notion of uniformity and groupthink that at best stifle effectiveness and efficiency and at worst create a tremendous burden on organizational success. I have made a habit to use best practices ONLY as […]
24 Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Business Tips
15 Oct 2018
Build relationships One of the best tips I have ever received as well as given is built relationships. There is a profound impact created by a long-term relationship with peers and other professionals. Those relationships that evolve in mutual respect and recognition tend to impact how your business grows. As the saying goes Your network is your net worth. Thanks […]
35 HR Pros, Employers & Managers Reveal the Most Creative Ways Managers Can Keep Employees Engaged
15 Oct 2018
Kamyar Shah is a small business advisor helping you increase profitability and productivity, offering remote CMO and Remote COO services. “Employee engagement or maximization of thereof…” Has less to do with creativity than it has with the methodology. Sure, there can be one-offs in which one particular idea gets the attention of employees, but it is by no means the […]
Thriving In The Gig Economy: 15 Key Strategies For Success
06 Oct 2018
Manage Your Reputation Having worked remotely for various size organizations as an independent contractor for 15-plus years, the most vital strategy by far is to manage your reputation. It starts with a very simple proposition: underpromise and overdeliver. It is the basis for asking your happy customers for referrals. You will be surprised how this […]
The Pros and Cons of Salary Transparency
06 Oct 2018
“A small business can easily explain the difference in pay scale by providing the formula that was used to calculate each scale as well as a qualitative comparison in job description and responsibilities,” said Kamyar Shah, a business consultant. “The key is transparency in data sharing.” Originally published at:
Small Company, Big Success: 10 Ways To Prove Credibility To Your Customers
06 Oct 2018
Show, Don’t Tell The mantra of “show, don’t tell” holds true here. In the technology sector, the best bet to illustrate your credibility is by providing case studies of current or former clients. If that is not available, demonstration of skill set is a good alternative: think webinars, tutorials, etc. Ultimately, credibility is proven by results. Show results […]
Kamyar Shah: Is Franchising Right For You? Eight Questions To Ask Yourself
29 Sep 2018
Do The Franchise's Guidelines Fit With My Vision For How To Run A Business?   Franchising, in general, comes with string
Kamyar Shah: Employer Branding from a Marketing Perspective: CMOs & Marketing Experts Share Advice on How to Balance Consumer Brand and Employer Brand
29 Sep 2018
Kamyar Shah , Fractional CMO  1) How should companies be treating their employer brand, especially in comparison to their consume
Kamyar Shah: 13 Ways To Prevent Burnout Before It Happens
29 Sep 2018
Prioritize Your Time There is really no secret to preventing burnout. Much like any other project, it's all about prioritization an
Kamyar Shah: Ten Powerful Ways To Position Your Startup Against The Tech Giants
29 Sep 2018
Gather And Publicize Positive End-User Feedback Call it what you like — word-of-mouth or organic branding — but the gist will remai
Ten Powerful Ways To Position Your Startup Against The Tech Giants
28 Sep 2018
Gather And Publicize Positive End-User Feedback Call it what you like — word-of-mouth or organic branding — but the gist will remain the same: End-user satisfaction that’s publicized is the answer. There’s really no better way to beat a larger company and even the playing fields. Get your happy user to say so and say it publicly […]
13 Ways To Prevent Burnout Before It Happens
28 Sep 2018
Prioritize Your Time There is really no secret to preventing burnout. Much like any other project, it’s all about prioritization and time management. If tasks are properly planned, delegated and executed, there is no need for anyone to be overwhelmed or overworked. Couple that with proper time management and the burnout issue will be unlikely to […]
Employer Branding from a Marketing Perspective: CMOs & Marketing Experts Share Advice on How to Balance Consumer Brand and Employer Brand
28 Sep 2018
Kamyar Shah, Fractional CMO  1) How should companies be treating their employer brand, especially in comparison to their consumer brand? The differentiation between employee and employer brand is futile; those two have a symbiotic relationship. The same goes for consumer brands. 2) Do they both matter? Of course both matter. Positive branding from any aspect […]
Is Franchising Right For You? Eight Questions To Ask Yourself
19 Sep 2018
Do The Franchise’s Guidelines Fit With My Vision For How To Run A Business?  Franchising, in general, comes with strings attached that include corporate guidelines on pretty much everything you’re allowed to do or not do. Ask yourself if you’re going to be able to run the business the way you think it should be run. […]
Real-time case studies
17 Sep 2018
Real-time case studies One of the most effective ways that I have tested over the years is real-time case studies. In its most basic version, you have the employee do 2 similar tasks: one the way they think they should be doing it and one with tools or SOP’s that allows them to do it faster and more […]
22 Entrepreneurs Explain What Success Means in Entrepreneurship
17 Sep 2018
It is all relative Once you look past the societal definitions and standards such as wealth and fame, it becomes obvious that success is relative. One man’s growth from a side gig to full time freelancing or growing a company from 1 man operation to 20 employees can equally be considered success. By most accounts […]
Aiming For The C-Suite? Follow These Leadership Tips To Move Up The Ladder
17 Sep 2018
Continually Educate Yourself There are certainly many different ways to become an executive, however, the one approach I have seen work most often is education. The simplest strategy is to enhance your knowledge in fields beyond your actual professional know-how. Over time, that knowledge will be noticed and will open new opportunities at higher levels. – Kamyar […]
Passion Is Good, But Don’t Neglect Practical Business Decisions
17 Sep 2018
Prioritize Planning It’s a rather simple process to align the passion of the entrepreneur with the best interest of business: It’s all in the planning. Most of the time, if the planning and operations have been thoughtfully prepared, there is no reason that entrepreneurs need to compromise between passion and success. – Kamyar Shah, World Consulting Group Originally Published at:
13 Types Of People You Want On Your Team
17 Sep 2018
The Doer Ideas are a dime a dozen, and most ideas never even get off the ground for two reasons: follow up and execution. That is when the “the doer” type proves his/her value. “The doer” with his/her relentless follow-up and implementation will be the driving force to plan, follow up, and implement. This type of […]
13 Ways To Be More Inclusive Of Talent With Learning Disabilities
17 Sep 2018
Publicize Mentorship This is more about publicizing your organizational interests and the steps that are being taken. Once you publicize your internal programs such as mentorships for employees with learning disabilities, you are halfway there. The next step is repetition which should include a campaign to reach influencer and authorities in the respective fields. – Kamyar […]
Management Consultant
09 Sep 2018
Passion Is Good, But Don’t Neglect Practical Business Decisions
01 Sep 2018
To fulfill your passion long-term, be willing to challenge yourself and change course short-term.
Confessions of a PM
23 Jun 2018
Visit me at
Confessions of a PM
23 Jun 2018
Confessions of a PM: Episode 2 An interview by Jamar K. Freeman, PMP Interview with: Kamyar Shah – Small business advisor helping you increase profitability and productivity, offering remote CMO and Remote COO services
Management Consulting
28 Apr 2017
Does the title “management consultant” make you think of a vague, nondescript role? This could be true – management consulting opportunities and duties round out a vast area of the spectrum. Consulting is part of any job field, as is management. But the title gives more insight than one might realize. A management consult is […]
Business Consulting
28 Apr 2017
For a business to be 100 percent effective, it’s leaders/executive team and employees must learn to adapt and change to ever-changing, mutable industries. From technologies to target audiences, something is always a little different, year after year. Sometimes learning and adapting can be complicated and overwhelming, and this is where hiring a business consultant can […]
Business Consultants and Their Challenges
17 Apr 2017
If you take a minute and look at some of the articles about business management, you couldn’t be blamed for concluding that business consultants and management consultants have earned themselves a less than stellar reputation. Many conclude that business consultants have no future in small business for a variety of reasons including track record, cost, […]
Why Online Marketers Must Validate Website Leads
22 Feb 2017
Lead validation is the key ingredient of online lead generation marketing, and yet hardly any organisations do it. How can this be? First, most companies don’t know what lead validation is. In the presentation below, you’ll learn all about it — and get a big edge on your competition as a result. Lead validation is […]
Instagram – the current and hot social media platform is a boon for marketers
22 Feb 2017
Back in 2010, Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, graduates from Stanford created a humble photo sharing app and called it Instagram. The idea was to create a platform where users can share their photos with a short caption. This app was introduced when smartphone cameras were becoming high quality. Immediately, it was downloaded by millions […]
People Problems
03 Jun 2016
People Problems Not long ago I was speaking to a good friend of mine about micro businesses and some of the inherent and common problems that are not acknowledged. Suffice to say that there are too many to list here but the one that seems to be among the chief issues appears to be “people […]
Customer Service Revisited
18 Mar 2016
Originally published at Published on March 18, 2016 Customer is the king or so we have been told. But is it really true? It depends on who you ask. Much like everything else in business customer service and its respective impact on commercial entities are a juggling act. Let’s have a look at the different […]
Your shop doesn’t have a shopkeeper
29 Dec 2015
Originally published at : Published on December 29, 2015 Can you imagine having a brick-and-mortar business and leaving it open but unattended? Day in and day out customers walking in and evaluating your merchandise. Some buy and others don’t. Can you even fathom the viability of such business model? Of course no one would open […]