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Kamyar Shah

Kamyar Shah

Kamyar Shah: 25+ year business expert providing services as Fractional COO/CMO, Business Consultant, and Executive Coach. Specializes in driving value and growth in diverse sectors, including tech, eCommerce, medical, and startups. Visit

Tampa/St. Petersburg United States
Consultant Available
Kamyar Shah: As a seasoned Business Management Consultant, Operations & Marketing Executive, dedicated Executive Coach, and experienced Chief of Staff, my portfolio spans over 25 years of rich and varied industry experience. I offer comprehensive services as a Fractional COO, Fractional CMO, Business Consultant, Executive Coach, and Chief of Staff, providing strategic and operational insights across diverse sectors like eCommerce, medical, technology, and startups (B2B and B2C). My professional mission is centered around driving stakeholder value, facilitating growth, and enhancing profitability for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs). Learn more about my services at

Specializations and Services:

Fractional COO Services:
• Developing and guiding operational strategies, optimizing business processes and efficiency
• Establishing performance metrics and monitoring systems for progress tracking and timely adjustments
• Leading daily business operations in sync with strategic objectives
• Streamlining supply chains, vendor relationships, and optimizing asset utilization
• Devising robust contingency plans to mitigate operational risks

Fractional CMO Services:
• Crafting comprehensive marketing strategies to enhance brand visibility and consumer engagement
• Managing marketing budget allocations effectively to maximize ROI across multiple channels
• Leveraging data analytics to generate insightful consumer data and guide strategic marketing decisions
• Ensuring consistent brand messaging across all platforms and customer touchpoints

Business Consulting Services:
• Providing strategic insights and formulating action plans for sustainable business growth
• Implementing cost reduction strategies through effective knowledge management and quality assurance
• Enhancing organizational performance and accountability through expert guidance in execution strategies
• Facilitating change management initiatives to help businesses adapt and thrive in dynamic market conditions

Executive Coaching Services:
• Offering personalized coaching to CEOs, executives, and staff, focusing on enhancing leadership skills, decision-making abilities, and overall business acumen
• Empowering teams through targeted training in key business areas such as organization, management, leadership, finance, operations, and marketing/sales
• Guiding individuals towards personal and professional growth, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement within the organization

Chief of Staff Services:
• Orchestrating strategic initiatives and managing high-impact projects to meet organizational goals
• Facilitating effective communication and coordination among executives and stakeholders
• Guiding the development of policies and procedures, enhancing organizational effectiveness
• Acting as a trusted advisor to the CEO, providing key insights and strategic counsel

My operational projects, including general management of international locations, global sourcing, and production VP/Director roles, have instilled a profound understanding of product development, manufacturing, sourcing, quality control, logistics, and distribution. This extensive experience has honed my ability to foster sustainable growth without compromising efficiency or quality.

Additional services include Change Management Consulting, Small Business Consulting (SMB Consulting), Digital Marketing Management (including SEO, SEM, SMM), Email Marketing Management, CRM Management, Marketing Operations Management, Sales Operations Management, and eCommerce Strategic Growth.

If you're seeking to expand your business while maintaining a high standard of quality and efficiency, let's connect and explore potential strategies to drive growth and scale in your organization. Visit to learn more.